Q: In the Nexstmall.com, can I shop without logging in?

A: Before logging in, you can browse our products anytime, but if you would like to purchase, you have to log in to Nexstmall.com

Q: In the Nexstmall.com, is shipping free?

A: Nexstmall.com offers free shipping for orders above HK$500.

Q: In the Nexstmall.com, is an invoice issued?

A: Nexstmall.com does not issue invoices for all products. The shipping slips will be delivered with your order, please open the box to find the shipping slip.

Q: After adding to the Shopping Cart, is this product reserved by me?

A: It is not, if you would like to order this product, please submit an order and make payment at check-out.

Q: Which payment method does Nexstmall.com support?

A: Nexstmall.com currently supports 1 payment method:
(1) Stripe Third party payment (supports Visa/Master/Apple Pay, Google Pay & Alipay)

Q: Why is my transaction closed?

A: Once you submitted your order and the order is not paid after 30 minutes, the system will automatically close your transaction. To order items, please pay as soon as possible.

Q: What are the reasons for unsuccessful internet banking payments?

A: The possible situations are as follows:

(1)Your bank card has not yet activated the online banking payment function, we recommend that you proceed to your local bank to activate online banking.

(2)The bank card used is beyond the geographical scope of the bank network, please try with another bank card.

(3)The bank card has expired, is canceled, reported lost or has insufficient balance etc., we recommend that you consult your bank.

(4)The bank card number, password or identification number does not match, we recommend that you re-enter the correct password or identification number etc. If you have forgotten your password, please contact your bank promptly to reset your password.

(5)The Banking system's data transmission may be abnormal, we recommend that you refresh the page or restart the computer.

(6)There is a limit to your online banking payment, please consult your bank's customer service for details.

Q: If I do not wish to purchase the goods that I have already paid for, can I cancel my order?

A: For orders that have been shipped, you cannot cancel the order so you can only do a return. For orders that have not been shipped, please contact us for assistance.