NexstMall Biz: Growing Business with Nexstgo Specialists

Looking for a lift to your business operation efficiency? We understand your pain points and needs. From all hardware to software solutions for business, NEXSTMALL BIZ got you covered.

Our Commercial Specialists are experienced trouble-shooters and are committed to provide you with prompt resolution. As the new year starts, we know that Customized Consultancy Service is just what you’ll need. And NEXSTMALL BIZ delivers the service along with Veeam 90-day trial to your business for free.

Our consultancy service includes but not limited to:

✔ IT Infrastructure Consultancy and Technical Advice
✔ PC for Corporates
✔ IT Security Products and Software Solutions
✔ Server Administration and Network Maintenance
✔ Customer Service Operation Efficiency
✔ PC Warranty & Protection
✔ Parts Replacement Service
✔ Data Cloning & Backup Planning

Service Terms & Conditions:

  1. Corporate user who contacts Nexstgo’s Commercial Specialists to provide company BR and register as NEXSTMALL BIZ member will entitle one-time customized consultancy service provided by our commercial specialists and Veeam 90-day trial for free, during the ‘Nexstmall Biz New Year Offer’ program period.
  2. ‘Nexstmall Biz New Year Offer’ is non-transferable among customers of Nexstgo Company Ltd.

    👉 Chat with our specialist immediately to learn more! 👈